The Board of Administration & Pastors Cabinet

Meet the Board of Administration.

The Board of Administration: is made up of church members who care for the temporal business and facilitates and enables the church's ministries.  The BOA works in partnership with the senior pastor to implement the vision and support the church's mission.

John Buehrle

Finance Team, Chairperson

Greg Fields

Member at Large

Neva Krug


Jeff Odermann

Member at Large

David Rott

Reserve Delegate

John Steers

Nominating Team, Chairperson

Sarah Willis

Member at Large

Meet the Pastors Cabinet.

The Pastor's Cabinet:  is made up of church members that assist the pastor in making their ministry more effective in these ways:  
  1. Serve as a prayer cabinet 
  2. Be available for counsel
  3. Keep the congregation informed concerning the nature and function of the pastoral office
  4. Keep the pastor advised concerning conditions within the congregation as they affect relations between pastor and people
  5. Assist in selecting suitable supply pastors when the pastor is to absent, groups for special services and special speakers, unless otherwise provided for by the Board of Administration.

Dale Burge

Treasurer/Accounts Payable

Michael Gemmer

Pastors Cabinet/Properties Team, Chairperson

July Pulscher

Pastors Cabinet

Steve Smith

Delegate/Pastor's Cabinet