Mac Free Kids

Jesus said, "Let the little children come to me..."

Matthew 19:14

We are here to equip families to love God and love others through the eyes of a child.
Our time is spent learning about Jesus and experiencing him together through prayer, play, teachings, and worship. We offer teaching opportunities for various ages between Zero to fifth grade. Our God teaches us as adults so much about who He is and His character through the eyes of His children! 

Sunday Mornings


Sunday Morning Life Groups are held for 2 - 5th graders every week beginning on September 5th. Each age learns a lesson that helps them grow to understand and experience Jesus through scripture, prayer, teachings, and worship. Each lesson is tailored to their development to help them appropriately understand scripture. 


During Serving on Sunday Mornings we offer Kids Church! This service is for babies - 3rd graders. During this time your kiddos will experience and learn about Jesus through teaching, prayer, worship, and bible centered activities. These lessons are tailored to their development to help them appropriately understand scripture. 

MacFree Nursery - Preschool

Nursery through Preschoolers are ages Zero to five years old (preschool). These kiddos are in a fun stage in their development that allows them to learn about Jesus through play, curiosity, and wonder. During their time together in MacFree Kids, these sweet littles will learn to experience Jesus and interact with their Heavenly Father through learning about a Bible story, playing with toys and activities related to the story, and learning about His love through the amazing volunteers that are teaching each week. 

MacFree Elementary

MacFree Elementary Kids consist of Kindergarteners through Fifth grade. During these kiddos stage of development they are asking the questions and seeking out truth. They still have awe and wonder, yet want to know the answers and asking "who is God?" Our time together we dive into scripture, learn about Jesus together, and experience him through worship, teaching, and prayer. We gather expecting the Lord to work in our hearts as we journey towards Jesus together. 

Want to Serve in MacFree Kids?

In Mac Free Kids we are all about equipping our volunteers to best love and teach these families and littles about Jesus. We focus on small group interaction to create a more personal space for kids to encounter Jesus with their peers and adult leaders. During our small group times we discuss teachings, what Jesus is teaching us lately, how to pray, and so much more! Will you come and join in being part of discipling this generation?