Pastors & Staff

Dallas Burgeson

Lead Pastor

  • I like being able to work with my hands, writing, reading, making music, and riding motorcycles.
  • I enjoy finding ways to go on adventures with my four kids and my wife, Jerilyn.
  • I love wading into the depths of who God is, and discovering what parts we all get to play as His Kingdom gets revealed in our world.

Mercedes Ledesma

Associate Pastor

  • I love walking and being out in nature. Trees and water are two of my most favorite things.
  • The sky, sunsets, stars, clouds, rainbows; God’s masterpieces are absolutely breathtaking and they remind me of how infinitely great He is!
  • I enjoy spending time with friends and family doing whatever. Quality time is my love language.

Ransom Hawthorne

Youth Ministry

  • I like peace, a cup of tea, the first day the frogs sing in summer, a board game, a good book and hoodie weather. I enjoy football too much.
  • Our family loves reading and watching old Discovery shows.
  • I like tracing themes between the Old and New Testament to try to gain a fuller picture of God’s will for today.