Pastors & Staff

Alice Phillips

Children's & Family Ministry

  • I love to laugh, hang out with, and play board/card games with people. 
  • In my free time you can probably find me either at a coffee shop or in my hammock with a friend or reading a good book.
  • I am passionate about seeing all generations come together to love, disciple, and worship together in the name of Jesus.

John Strickling


  • My favorite place to be is next to my wife Krista.
  • Favorite geographic location, river bank in Eddget, Michigan - hunting, trapping, boating, snowmobiling, etc.  My great grandpa Hildinger established this piece of American dream in 1901.
  • Favorite comfort zone - Serving/working for God’s family, advancing His kingdom! Family, family, family!!!

Justin Mourn

Associate Pastor

  • I am an introvert who enjoys McDonalds and helping people feel loved and included
  • You might find me reading a technology blog or listening to a technology podcast.
  • Our family consists of 4 humans, 1 dog, and 1 pop-up camper.

Keely King

Student & Family Ministry

  • I could never eat enough mac & cheese, drink enough hot cocoa, or see Lilo & Stitch too many times.
  • I love adventures! Experienced through books, movies & shows, or good times with friends. . . every moment is an adventure!
  • My heart is to see students connected in relationships that foster growth in discipleship and fellowship!

Mercedes Ledesma

Worship Ministry & communications

  • I love walking and being out in nature. Trees and water are two of my most favorite things.
  • The sky, sunsets, stars, clouds, rainbows; God’s masterpieces are absolutely breathtaking and they remind me of how infinitely great He is!
  • I enjoy spending time with friends and family doing whatever. Quality time is my love language.