We are passionate about encouraging people to pursue a relationship with Jesus.  No matter where you are in your journey, you are invited to discover your purpose and live it out at Mac Free.

  • SATURDAY @ 6:30 PM: in FELLOWSHIP HALL, "Conversations", masks recommended
  • SUNDAY @ 9:00 AM: in FELLOWSHIP HALL, masks required, no singing
  • SUNDAY @ 10:30 AM: in the SANCTUARY, masks recommended


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A Gift For you!

The Mac Free Bible Study Library has gone ONLINE!

We are offering you the biggest video Bible study library in the world.  You will find over 20,000 great videos for Life Groups, kids & youth, parents, married couples and more! If you are involved at McPherson Free Methodist Church, we can verify your account.

Have you noticed that  people who follow Jesus have joy!  Joy is a result of trusting and following Jesus.  As a group of people that are following Jesus together - we want to share that Joy with people in our community.  Join us in the #SpreadJoy challenge!  Find a way to intentionally share Jesus with those around you and then take a video or picture and share it with the church (via Facebook/Instagram/ and challenge two others to the same challenge.  Make sure you include #SpreadJoy in your post.  Remember, Jesus is our source of joy.

The church's van has been decorated with #SpreadJoy and is available for the people of Mac Free to use for this challenge.  Contact the church office to reserve the van: or 620-241-7176.


  • Use the pre-decorated church bus (with music) to hand-out popsicles and share your joy!
  • Surprise your neighbors with joy by bringing them helium balloons and your joy!
  • Go to locations in McPherson where the Joy of Jesus is needed and bring them a bottle of cold water, a popsicle, and your joy (Walmart Greeters, Construction Workers, the park)
  • Your own unique way to #SpreadJoy . . .  


  • Need help with daily supplies?

    We are aware that some people are confined to their homes and others should not leave their homes for health reasons.  If the Coronavirus does not allow you to get the items you need, please let the church office know.  We would love to help as we are able.  You can call the church office at 620-241-7176.


following jesus WHEREVER

Mac Free is a place for people on a journey.  A place of inter-generational growth, transformational Life Groups, and hope in Jesus. Everyone is welcome here as we seek God together.

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We are located one block west of South Main Street between Ave C & Ave D