Log in or sign up for a Subsplash account

Signing up through the App

Your Subsplash account can be used for many different features on our platform, including Giving, the Prayer Wall, church chat groups, and Live Chat on our livestream.

Open the McPherson Free Methodist Church App

Simply open the side menu (☰) located at the top left of the app

Select "Log In or Sign Up"

Make sure you remember your login information because it will be needed for other features:
  • Online Giving
  • Prayer Wall
  • Chat Groups
  • Live Chat in our Sunday livestream

Log in/Sign up

If you are a new user you will come across the ability to create an account naturally on our church's app or website whether having just downloaded the app, registering for an event, or trying to donate to your church. Once you are prompted to log in/sign up:
  • Select your preferred method of authentication (your account is tied to your email address; this allows you to use multiple authentication methods if you would like.)
    • Google
    • Email
      • Continuing with email will take you through the traditional email/password setup and require you to create a password.
    • Facebook
    • Apple (if you are on iOS, iPadOS, or Safari)
  • Once your account is created you will get an email for confirmation and be logged in.
Now that you are logged in, whether it's on the web or the app, you will be able to continue with the prayer wall, join the live chat on our livestream, or complete a gift.

If you find yourself logged out and you need to manage your account, you’ll need to log in again either through our church’s app, our "Give" link on the website, or through their web messaging link. Each of these areas will prompt you to log in, continue with your preferred authentication method, then you will find the ability to edit your details.