Historically, the Free Methodist Church has stood for the rights of the poor and made it our mission to proclaim freedom to those who need to experience the Freedom offered through Jesus Christ.  

As a body, we are working to improve our "listening skills."  We need to listen for what God is doing, not depend on our experience of what he has done, and certainly not demand that he bless what we want to do.  

When we join God in what He is doing with a heart of surrender and humility, we are better able to match Jesus' priorities.  This is the attitude we take toward service--We will follow God in surrender believing that He uses willing hearts to be salt and light in our community and He will be faithful to call us do things for him that are beyond our personal abilities!  Fruit is not what we do, fruit is what God does through our obedience.

Where is God asking you to serve Him in our community? Share your idea with us!