Hospitality team

Our hospitality team is full of people who love others well! It is a friendly face and a welcoming smile to all who have chosen to gather with us for worship. 

If you would like to join our Hospitality team please connect with us!

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Worship team

The heart of the worship team is to create opportunity for everyone to engage in true and pure worship to our Lord and Savior! We believe that music is one outlet of worship that can be used as a tool to bring glory and honor to the Father.  

Our Worship page offers more information about the worship ministry at MacFree and how you can be involved in our weekly worship services.

tech team

Our worship services would not be successful without a passionate and gifted tech team. Our team provides an online presence to those who choose to engage in worship with us online, and includes operation of the sound system, service slides, and video cameras. 

If you are passionate about any of these areas, we would love your support in this area of worship ministry!

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macfree kids

MacFree Kids is all about equipping families to love God and love others doing so all through the eyes of a child's wonder and awe for Jesus. How awesome is it that we get to play a small part in the spiritual journeys of these families and kids ages zero to 5th grade! 

If you are interested in taking time out of your week to come and plant seeds in the lives of these little's, visit our MacFree Kids Page!

youth ministry

The heart of MacFree youth ministry is to provide a safe place for fostering growth in discipleship and fellowship for the young students in our community. 

If you are passionate about the discipleship of our teenagers, connect with us on our Students page!

college Ministry

Our college ministry is geared to the young adults on Central Christian College and McPherson College. The heart of this ministry is to create community and opportunity for fellowship between the believers on both campuses. Providing a place for unity through monthly gatherings. 

Visit our College Page to see how you can be involved in the spiritual shaping of the young adults in our college communities.