Sign-up Deadline:  April 24th


Some Current Projects:

  • renovation & expansion of Odermann Hall
  • exterior painting of O'Connor Hall
  • staff housing improvements
  • installation of campus lighting
  • yard work
  • and much more! 


  • $100 per person takes care of all costs associated with staying at Oakdale (food, housing, showers, etc.)
  • Each person is responsible for the cost associated with getting to Oakdale and returning home.  
  • Each person is responsible for the cost of admission at the optional Ark Experience:  Kids 10 & under free, 11 to 17 $25, Adults $55, Seniors $45
*Please talk to Pastor Justin if finances are a problem


  • Everyone is in charge of taking care of their own transportation.  However, we will be working on organizing a carpool and helping others find rides.  The entire trip, including driving to The Ark Experience, will be approx. 1,850 miles.  
  • Food on the road is your own responsibility.  The food at Oakdale Christian Academy is provided.  Don't forget you can pack sack lunches for travel.

The Ark Encounter:

  • This optional opportunity follows our serving at Oakdale
  • The Ark is a little over 2 hours to the North of Oakdale.
  • You can spend as much time as you want at The Ark.  There is enough to see that you could spend more than one day if you desire.  You decide!
  •  You are in charge of your own housing as we begin our return trip home.  


All ages invited (kids must be accompanied by an adult).
All Skill Levels needed!
  • It is always beneficial to have skilled labor along on a trip like this, but it is not required.
People can travel in groups, as families, or alone.
We will be separating people into work groups at Oakdale.  Please let Pastor Justin know if you would like to work as a family or group.

What to bring:

Clothing for the entire trip
  • Work clothes and Good working shoes
Bug spray & Sunscreen
Bedding (pillow and sleeping bag), towels, toiletries
Daily Devotional Items
  • Bible, journal, pencil, etc.
Tools (any you might have to use at Oakdale)

Daily Schedule:

Arrive at Oakdale: Sunday, June 19th before 7 PM. 
Monday to Thursday (tentative schedule):
  • Breakfast, Team Devotions, Start projects, Lunch, Return to projects, Clean up, Dinner
Friday - Two Options:
  • Trip to “The Ark Encounter” OR serve day at Oakdale
Return Home: Sunday, June 26th
  • Arrival and departure are decided by individuals as needed

Are you ready to sign-up?

Need help in the process?  Contact Pastor Justin HERE