We have been made

to live life together!

Life Groups are an essential part of our church.  They provide a place where deeper fellowship and strong support for one another can take place.

God has reconciled us not only to Himself, but also to each other.  Thus, we deliberately strive toward community through Life Groups.  Living in community provides us the opportunity to more wholly experience God through close relationships as we play and pray together, as we encourage and serve one another, and as we study and live out God's Word together.

Life Groups include small group ministry, Men's/Women's Ministry, Discipling Team, and any group that is striving to Love God & Love others together.




Women's Ministry


6pm-8pm - Common Ground

Come join us as we gather, enjoy our favorite summertime salad, and spend time learning about Jesus through Jennie Allen's book "Nothing to Prove."

We know it's summer and everyone's schedules are a little different, BUT we hope you can put this on your calendar and come when you can! 

A cool addition to this study is that Jennie is doing a podcast series over this book all summer long! We will get you all of the details on the 15th. 

I personally can't wait for that pizza salad to reappear .... who made that? or of course Lizzie's M&M salad! Mostly, I can't wait to gather. Gosh, I can't wait! 

Invite your friends! 

This is open for our 4th graders and up.... what beautiful conversations we can have with our young friends in regards to this topic and truly what Jesus says!

To find out more, contact the church office at 620-241-7176 or CONTACT LEAH


There are numerous opportunities for men to be involved in growing and serving at Mac Free.  The opportunities below meet at different times and provide different ways to connect and grow.

  • 6:00 AM?  Yes, it sound like it is too early, but the first part of the day allows us to gather before the things of life have a chance to try to get in the way.  We encourage you to come and see that it is worth getting out of bed at 6 AM to discuss and study God's Word with other men.   We hope to see you this next Thursday at 6 AM in Common Grounds.  For more information contact the office.

  • There has been a continual gathering of men on Saturday mornings at 7:00 AM for more than 40 years!  All men are invited to join us in the Dining Room on Saturday mornings at 7 AM as we encourage one another by digging into God's Word and spending time in prayer.  

    "As iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another."  Proverbs 27:17

  • The Conquer Series is a powerful cinematic study that is transforming the lives of men around the world. Biblical teaching and proven principles to help men conquer porn and walk in freedom.  To find out how you can join a group of men in this powerful opportunity contact Jacob.


A Life Group is a small group of people on the journey of faith together.

  • A Life Group is a small group of people who meet regularly to grow IN CHRIST.  This includes time for prayer, study, and asking the question, "How are you and Jesus?".

    A Life Group, "is primarily focused on transformation and not information, where people learn how to interpret their entire lives through the lens of the gospel, build a vocabulary for giving voice to their experience of God, and grow in faith in Christ." (The Class Meeting by Kevin M. Watson)  The Christian Life is primarily about living in Christ, not knowing the right things.

  • Each Life Group decides it's own time and place to meet.  Some groups meet in homes while others meet in the church building.  The location & time for each group should allow for prayer, growth, and discussion together.

  • The goal of a Life Group is to encourage one another along the journey of faith.  Each Life Group uses the materials provided on the RESOURCE PAGE or submits their own plans to Pastor Justin.  Various materials can be used as each group is tailored to its individual growth and needs. Whatever the material, the goal is to draw us individually and corporately towards Christ. 

  • A Life Group is comprise of approximately 12 people.  However, each group is always looking for people to invite into the group. This means that groups will need to split from time to time to keep the group around 12.