"Parent Cue"

Welcome to the “Parent Cue”

Below you will find information on how we're working to help minister to you and your teenagers during this time. 


REMIX (high school)

we're in this together

Hey Parents! Welcome to a special "Social Distancing" PARENT CUE. We'll do our best to update this and give you helpful information for MacFREE student ministry for the next few months.

**Yes, unfortunately the Kansas Maid Fundraiser is cancelled. If you have collected money, you'll have to find a way to return it. I'm so sorry. The company we're using won't make the delivery.**

  • A note from Pastor Zach:


    I've said that word more in the past couple weeks, than ever before. And it's true. I don't know about you, but I've never experienced anything like this. "Social Distancing,"  if you're like me - you've had to GOOGLE a lot of words and phrases lately. 

    You're also probably processing these things with teenagers who are experiencing their own confusion, and frustration, and feelings of loss. Know that I'm praying for you has you navigate these very new waters as parents. 

    I want you to know that we're in this together. I say often that I believe it's the job of the church's youth ministry to partner with parents in the spiritual formation of their children. It's moments and times like these where we need to prove this to be true. It's can't just be words.

    I'm with you. You're not alone. Please reach out and let me know if there's anything I can do to help. You'll see that we're going to try our best in this to stay connected to you and your teenagers, but this plan is open-ended. If there's something you need from me. I'm here. Please feel free to reach out! 

    Zach Fleming
    Pastor of Youth & Family Ministry 
    McPherson Free Methodist Church
    (620) 755-1023 | zfleming@macfmc.org

  • weekly schedule


    JOLT! (Middle School) & REMIX (High School) will post teaching videos at their normal gathering times & then go LIVE on “Zoom” for a discussion/catch-up time with students. Those times are:

    JOLT! | Wednesdays: 6:30 PM- VIDEO posts on YouTube & on the "Parents FB Group" 

    Zoom Discussion | 7:15 PM. (Link will be emailed/shared on Parent’s FB Group)


    REMIX | Sundays: 7:00 PM - VIDEO posts on YouTube & REMIX FB Group
    Zoom Discussion | 7:45 PM. (Link will be emailed/shared in REMIX FB group)

    In addition, Twice a week I am posting a video message for MS or HS students on the MacFREE Student Ministry YouTube channel. These videos are called "Deep Thoughts with Pastor Zach" – My goal is to find a FUN and engaging way to remind students of that week's teaching

    Deep Thoughts with Pastor Zach

    Tuesday Afternoon | Video will post (YouTube, Instagram & REMIX - high school youth FB Group)

    Friday Afternoon | Video will post (YouTube, MS Parent's FB Group)


    I am also working on a couple FUN digital community builders for students


    EVERYONE: I’m working on a Youth Group “Social Distancing BINGO” game that I will post for families soon!

    HIGH SCHOOL: Pastor Zach’s reading challenge: Students are invited to get a copy of the book, Beautiful Rebellion by: Brock Morgan. We’ll work through this book chapter by chapter, and then have Zoom discussions.

    HIGH SCHOOL: "Social Distance Assassins" - Students will be given a name of another student (their target) and a word or phrase. The goal is for that student to get their target to say/type/text that word or phrase. If they do, they are "Assassinated" and they give their assassin their target, and the game continues until the last person is standing.


    MIDDLE SCHOOL: Netflix/Disney+ trivia: I'll pick a program on one of these two platforms and then give students a list of trivia. The first to respond w/ the correct answers will be that week's winner

  • what we're teaching

    Middle School | 4.8 & 4.15
    High School | 4.5 & 4.12

    SERIES OVERVIEW: Easter is a time of joy and celebration, but that's not the whole story — because, before we can celebrate the joy of Jesus' victory, we have to first remember the pain of Jesus' suffering. In this series, we'll look at Jesus' final days, death, and resurrection, as well as the experiences of the early Church, as we see how the Jesus who suffered suffers with you and the Jesus who lives now lives in you.

    Middle School | 4.22, 4.29, 5.6, 5.13
    High School | 4.19, 4.26, 5.3, 5.10

    SERIES OVERVIEW:  In this 4-week series, we'll look at what other people have said about Jesus, along with some key moments in Jesus' life and ministry and even Jesus' own words, to help us see that Jesus is God, Savior, truth, and better than a best friend.

    Middle School | 5.20 & 5.27
    High School | 5.17, 5.24, 5.31

    SERIES OVERVIEW:  In this teaching series on Justice, students will  see that they have the potential to help save the world, when they embrace who God made them to be, care for the people in front of them, rely on their team, and are heroic in ordinary situations.

  • at home teaching resources

    Each week I want to make sure you have some at-home conversation time based on that week's teaching. I'm working on the best way to get your this information. 

    At the top of this page is a link where you can download a weekly family discussion guide. 

  • for fun: at home ideas

    You have the unique opportunity during this season to ENJOY time together as a family. I'm sure you're used to moving your teens from one activity to the next, constantly trying to balance a crazy calendar. 

    And now, for a season, all of that is gone. We can accept this loss/change, and then make the most of it. 

    Here are some ideas:

    *Grab all of the pillows and blankets in your house, and have a movie night on the living room floor
    * Go for a walk as a family
    * Challenge your teens to a board game competition
    * Create an in-home scavenger hunt
    * Everyone pick out a book for someone else in the famil

    What other ideas do you have? Share in our Parent's FB group