Participating in the membership class at McPherson Free Methodist Church will allow you to find out who we are and what we are about.  In this course you will learn about our passions, our history, our future, and how to fully connect.  This course will help you understand our church, Mac Free, as well as the Free Methodist Denomination.  Attending this course can be used as a way to become a member or to better understand who we are.

Frequently asked questions

What is church membership?

  • Membership makes official our partnership in Serving Christ Together and Following Christ Wherever.
  • It is a co-commitment, the Church to the individual and the individual to the church.
  • Membership is relationship with purpose. 

What are key expectations of a Member?

  • Unity: protect against gossip and division by giving and receiving grace
  • Participation: help us to be what we are called to be
  • Growth: be open to the ongoing transforming power of Christ
  • Generosity: a willingness to Honor God with what you have and who you are

What is a Free Methodist?

  • The denominational website provides information about Free Methodists.  For more information go to 

How do I become a member of Mac Free?

  • To become a member of McPherson Free Methodist Church, all you need to do is contact the church or sign-up for a membership course.  In the membership course you will find out what we believe and what we are doing.  You will be given an opportunity to affirm and commit to the church at the end of membership course. 

When is the next Membership Class?

  • Membership classes are offered regularly.  Please let us know if you are interested.  CONTACT US