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online materials  |  K thru 5

May 24-May 30

Video lessons and worship for the week are below. The first video is for all ages. The second video (The So & So Show) is designed for 4th & 5th graders.

Parent Cue (Parent Guide)- K thru 3rd Grade [click HERE]

Parent Cue (Parent Guide)- 4th & 5th Grade [click HERE]

God Times (Daily Devotions) - K & 1st Graders [click HERE]

God Times (Daily Devotions) - 2nd & 3rd Graders [click HERE]

God Times (Daily Devotions) - 4th & 5th Graders [click HERE]

During the elementary years, we want to build up kids who know and trust God and who are courageous for Christ.  In today's world children need to be equipped to make wise choices and they need to personalize their faith though service that comes from a deep love for others.  Our mission is to partner with parents and connect each child to a community where they will find friends and mentors


Sunday mornings begin at 9:15am when elementary age children check-in at the Welcome Center located in the lobby.  Enter through the main East and West doors. At the check-in station a name tag will print for the children and a Guardian Slip will print for the parents to use when they pick-up their children at 10:15am in the Big Room at the South end of the basement.  If you need help finding the room for children or adults, don't hesitate to ask for help at the Welcome Center.

wednesday evenings

On Wednesday nights at 6:30pm, children grades K thru 5, enter through the main East or West doors and check-in at the Welcome Center.  The children wear their name tags printed at the Welcome Center to class while the parents keep the Guardian Receipt and use it to pick-up their kids at 7:45pm.  Elementary age kids will be lead to the Big Room in the basement where they will have a large group time with worship, a game, age appropriate teaching and then split into small groups to continue the learning and fun.