The stories we share, the materials in the classroom, and the routines during our class time are all designed to help your child authentically respond to God in a way that deepens and strengthens their understanding of God. We encourage children to “get ready” to enter this space as a means of slowing them down and helping them treat this space as sacred space—their space, but space set apart for worship and reflection on God. 


We aren’t just here to teach your child about God or entertain them while you worship, we want to build a solid foundation for a life long relationship with Him. We take time to ask open ended questions that allow the children to give their perspective and use their imagination in response to God’s stories. We do this because God is not something to be figured out—He is someone to be discovered. Along the way, children become familiar with the stories and get to know the people of the bible, but our main emphasis is on introducing them to God and His character and helping them understand that God is still working and active in their lives.


Only when children truly feel the freedom to respond in their own way and trust their natural instincts will we really be able to help them trust and respond to their own experience of God in their lives. Making something unique from our own imagination is a complex and highly creative activity that naturally brings about a deeper level of understanding than just copying or coloring something someone else has created. We regularly set up stations that provoke learning related to the day’s lesson, but we allow the children to respond as they feel led even if it seems off topic. It is normal for a child to respond to a lesson heard several weeks ago instead of the lesson just heard or to relate more deeply to something from their daily experience rather than something directly related to the story. Sometimes even the most disconnected projects have deep meaning to a child and when we learn to listen to children we get to share in that blessing. 

welcome to mac free kids

At Mac Free, our children's ministry combines the critical influences of the church and the home. We journey with our children in a way that incites wonder, provokes discovery, and fuels the passion in the hearts of the next generation.