Winter Experience Groups

For winter 2020, we are excited to offer five Experience Groups on Sunday mornings at 9:15am and one on Sunday afternoons.  While our kids and middle school students attend experiences that are designed for their age level, everyone high school and above is invited to join one of the following Experience Groups during the months of January, February, March, April, and May.


Jan. - Mar.


Facilitator Jamie Sparks

Back by popular demand, this is a repeat of last semesters class. The Enneagram is a powerful personality inventory about who we are in relationships with others, and how we reflect the image of God, yet have adapted some unhealthy ways of getting back to our deepest longings and needs. Learning about our number helps us all understand more about why we do, think, feel, and respond the way we do, how we see the world differently than others, how we receive, respond to, and grow in our relationship with the Lord and in prayer differently. 

Book of Colossians: 

Facilitator Bob Bailey

This group will be studying the book of Colossians together. Colossians combats errors in the church and shows that believers have all they need in Christ.


Facilitator Pastor Justin Mourn

This two part class will be looking at "Christian Disciplines: Creating Time and Space for God". 

  Session 1: Why Disciplines?

  Session 2: Reading: Shaping Story and Enabling Perspective

  Session 3: Praying: Shaping Speech and Enabling Honesty

  Session 4: Connecting: Shaping Vision and Enabling Humility

  Session 5: Fasting: Shaping Appetite and Enabling Self-Control

  Session 6 Giving: Shaping Attitude and Enabling Generosity

  Session 7: Receiving: Shaping Posture and Enabling Trust

The semester will conclude with "Elephants in the Church: Conversations we can't afford to ignore". 

  Session 1: Creating an Atmosphere of Openness (Hospitality)

  Session 2: When is Enough Enough? (Materialism)

  Session 3: Weighing Facts with Our Thumb on the Scales (Prejudice)

  Session 4: Saints and Sex (A Christian Perspective on Sexual Sin)

  Session 5: Behind Closed Doors (Abuse)

  Session 6: Don't Get Hooked! (Addiction)

  Session 7: Is God a Democrat or Republican? (Politics)

Experiencing God: 

Facilitator Boyd Walker

This class will journey through the workbook "Experiencing God" by Henry Blackaby. This modern classic has helped millions worldwide experience the height, depth, and breadth of God's love. You will be encouraged to know God intimately, while stepping out in faith and join Him in His miraculous works. The class will go through a workbook that includes daily reading and interaction. Then gathering on Sunday mornings to interact with each other and what they are learning.

Faith Connections Quarterly -Homeward Bound - Room 1

This is a two part class. It will begin with "Good News from the Prophets". Unlike a family vacation planned months ahead, the prophets foretold the birth of the Messiah hundreds of years before it happened. Throughout the Old Testament, the prophets pointed forward to a time when the Savior of the world would come. The message of these prophecies was intended to give people hope and prepare the world for His birth. 

The semester will conclude with a look at "Jesus Is...". The Gospel of John is clearly unique from the other three gospels. Within this book, we read intimate details of who the Messiah is (identity) and why He came (mission). Through this study, we will gain a deeper understanding of Jesus--the Word who became flesh.

Unit 1: Jesus Is . . . 

  We will take a close look at who Jesus is as expressed in the Gospel of John. 

Unit 2: Jesus Encounters . . . 

  We will look at personal encounters Jesus had and what we can learn from these stories.

Experience Groups:

  • Promote a love of God and love of others - allowing us to grow in both head knowledge and heart knowledge resulting in lives where we listen to Jesus and follow Jesus.
  • Promote community by offering groups that change on a semester basis - allowing opportunities for our community to get to know one another in a deeper context.
  • Promote involvement by providing a specific time frame for each Experience - allowing freedom in group involvement and leadership.
  • Promote life transformation by encouraging us to be involved in each other's lives - allowing meaningful relationships in a small group context.