All of us are servants.  We have different roles and responsibilities, but we are all servants.  Christians are people who have committed to a higher call than their own desires and dreams.  We belong to Jesus and it is our joy and honor to serve Him because of His love for us and ours for Him.  All of us are to be engaged in some manner of ministry to those Christ died to save.  

As a church we are committed to doing more than filling people with head knowledge.  We are here to build disciples and a disciple is a servant of Christ.  

No one is expected to do everything and everyone is expected to do something.  There are no bleachers in the Kingdom of God.

No matter your gifting or experience level or even the amount of time you have been a part of Mac Free, we want to connect you with a meaningful service opportunity within the church body.

We are not about just being "busy" for Jesus, but we are about freeing ourselves to listen to God's heart for us individually and collectively.  We want to make sure you know of opportunities to serve so that we can serve Jesus together. 

Here is a sampling of church service opportunities at Mac Free:

Service Committee (kitchen)

Greeters/ Ushers

Building update (painting)

Office volunteer

This list is ever growing and changing.  For the most up to date information on current service opportunities, please contact our church office at (620) 241-7176 or by email at

Historically, the Free Methodist Church has stood for the rights of the poor and made it our mission to proclaim freedom to those who need to experience the Freedom offered through Jesus Christ.  

As a body, we are working to improve our "listening skills."  We need to listen for what God is doing, not depend on our experience of what he has done, and certainly not demand that he bless what we want to do.  

When we join God in what He is doing with a heart of surrender and humility, we are better able to match Jesus' priorities.  This is the attitude we take toward service--We will follow God in surrender believing that He uses willing hearts to be salt and light in our community and He will be faithful to call us do things for him that are beyond our personal abilities!  Fruit is not what we do, fruit is what God does through our obedience.

Where is God asking you to serve Him in our community? Share your idea with us!

Mac Free supports missionaries in Bulgaria, Columbia, Chile, China, Costa Rica,  Papau New Guinea, Turkey, and the United States. In addition to these individuals, we send short-term mission teams to various locations. Our most recent team is planning a trip to Costa Rica in April 2016.

As a church body, we are also actively involved in the Set Free Movement, which is a Free Methodist group committed to raising awareness and support to end modern day slavery.

For more information on the Free Methodist Church's missions and ministries click here