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  • Genesis 12

    Bishop David Roller looks at Genesis 12. Terah is Abraham's father, God calls him to travel to the promised land. He takes his family half way and then stops. Bishop Roller encourages us to finish the journey.

  • Psalm 23

    Pastor David Kessler unpacks the beginning of the 23rd Psalm: The Lord is my Shepherd

  • The light shines brighter

    Pastor Dallas speaks on Matthew 5:14-16, A city on a hill cannot be hidden, let your light shine and your deeds seen. We are to shine brighter and brighter to those around us. However when you shine brighter, flaws become more obvious. We become by grace what God is by nature, as we walk closer with Him. God will transform those flaws until one day we will be like Christ.

  • Encounters

    This Sunday the college students were here to begin their school year. Pastor David looks at Luke 24:13-35 there are two disciples walking to Emmaus after Jesus crucifixion. Why are they going there? When you find yourself wandering, Jesus will come find you. They are ask what they are discussing and what's on their heart. Then Jesus speaks into their lives. When they arrive in Emmaus they strongly urge Jesus to stay with them. It's easy to miss an opportunity- Don't under-estimate the importance of moments. When you have encounters with others are you showing them Jesus? Are you letting others speak into your life?