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  • Revival - joy

    Joy that releases your soul: 1) Finds its source in Jesus, 2) Joy is within your reach, 3) Joy is highly relational, 4) Joy listens closely for the Lord, 5) Joy keeps me pliable in the hands of the Lord, 6) Joy that releases your soul leaks out, 7) Joy introduces others to Jesus. How is your joy in your journey?

  • Revival side effects - turns

    Pastor David Kessler looks at Psalm 85 written by the Sons of Korah. This family line was known for rebellion, but someone along the line made a turn and they became door-keepers to the temple and part of the Worship-team. We all have turns that happen in our lives, what turn is God asking you to take? Whatever is in your background/ past; God will relentlessly pursue you. He will go ahead of you and pursue you to turn in His direction.

  • Revival - hidden in plain sight

    Pastor Zach Fleming looks over Matthew 7: 15-20 Where we see false teachers and prophets seem trustworthy and nice however they will lead you astray. We can know them by their fruit: love, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, joy, gentleness, self-control. By keeping our eyes on Jesus we will have good fruit. Witnessing to family and people in church with us is hard - it is easy to hide in plain sight. We assume age or the length of attendance in church or the verbage they use means someone has accepted Jesus as their Savior. Are you hiding in plain sight?

  • Revival - threads

    Pastor Dallas looks at the threads between 2 Timothy 1:1-14 and 2:1-10, (1st) It is God's will that Paul be an apostle, teacher and church planter - So are we. (2nd) Paul was entrusting others what he had heard and seen by the laying on of hands, recruiting and teaching - So are we. (3rd) Spiritual truths are passed on through families, whether blood family or spiritual family. Revival brings multiplication. Revival keeps the gospel alive even when institutions and programs cease to exist.