"Parent Cue"

Welcome to the “Parent Cue”. Our goal is to update this page weekly with “prompts” (cues) to help you continue to disciple your student beyond what is being discussed during our weekly Youth Group gatherings. Here you’ll find lesson break-downs and some follow-up discussion questions. Because really, we know you’re already incredibly busy doing all the things you should do to invest in your kids and to help them on their way to adulthood—and hopefully out of your house. But just because you are really busy doing great things doesn’t mean it’s easy to stay focused on whatever was talked about at church last Wednesday. Thus, the “Parent Cue”. This is just another way we’re striving to partner with you.

Fifty6 & JOLT! | April 2018


April 18 is our final youth group of the school year!

That night we will have an end-of-the-year celebration. With a special time where the students can thank and honor their Small Group Leader(s). 

Wednesday, April 11  will be our last "teaching" night of youth group. We'll be talking about how prayer helps us to know God better. 

Below is some "Parent Cue" material for this lesson. I would especially encourage your student to practice the "THANK, TELL, THINK, TRUST" approach to prayer. More about that can be found here:


REMIX | April 2018


During the month of April (beginning 4/8) our high school students will begin a series called "Inside Out"

God calls us to serve and share His love with the people around us. If we’re being honest though, this doesn’t always come easy. But as we’ll see in this series, the way we serve and love not only has the power to change and impact others’ lives, but our lives us as well. It can change the world—and us—from the inside out.

"Inside Out" - Parent Cue (for HS students)