Women's Ministry Conference

Featuring author, Rebekah Lyons

April 8 & 9

Join us as we laugh, learn, and love on each other during a weekend in Wichita! We are so thrilled that Rebekah Lyons' is joining us to share her heart with us and that Kristen Pence will lead us in worship! Below is a letter from Rebekah's website that so shares her heart with each of us! You can check out more blog posts from Rebekah at http://rebekahlyons.com/#welcome

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a letter from Rebekah....


Thanks for stopping by. If we met over coffee, I suspect in minutes we’d be laugh-crying over sea-salted dark chocolate or inhaling pumpkin scones. Kindreds, I tell you, for we are all the same. Caught amid a grand story, we fear greatness. Worse, we fear smallness. We want to know, without doubt, what we were made for. Yet "calling" feels mysterious and stressful. Yes? My heart’s passion is to dismantle that. There are unique plans for us all, if we get quiet enough to hear God’s whisper. We can’t hear while pleasing others, or striving to keep up. We weren’t made to keep up. We were made to start anew. God knit us with such intention, no two of us are alike. Whew!


Lately, I’ve been astounded by thousands of people bravely walking from fear to freedom. Survivors that walked through heartache, and found resolve to live this life well. They've shared heartfelt stories how they suffered anxiety, battled cancer, considered suicide, endured divorce, survived addiction and more. They've decided, “I’m done with the life I’ve orchestrated. I receive all that Jesus offers. I’m no longer defined by wounding.” They are loud with their story and lifting others in need. This inspires us all to Love God. Love others. Let's press on together, to embody this. For when we do, we are free to set free.

Running alongside,