Summer Experience Groups

For summer 2019, we are excited to offer five Experience Groups on Sunday mornings at 9:15am.  While our kids and middle school students attend experiences that are designed for their age level, everyone high school and above is invited to join one of the following Experience Groups during the months of June, July, and August.



June 2 - August 25

The Most Important Conversations: Room 2

Facilitators Pastor Dave & Pastor Justin

Join in the adventure of faith and interaction with God.  Each of us has an opportunity every day to interact with the creator and sustainer of the universe.  What does this look like?  What do we say?  You are invited to join this group and discuss what it means to be a person of prayer.

Perfectly Imperfect: Dining Room

Facilitator Deede Ediger

Perfectly Imperfect is about people whose true-to-life stories are found in the Old and New Testament.  They are like us in many ways--confused, tempted, and often afraid.  They are flawed, real people, but then God enters their lives and everything changes.  In these sometimes tragic and broken lives, we get a glimpse of how God renews us and remakes us into people who are perfectly imperfect.  

Kingdom Culture- The Sermon on the Mount: Room 7 

Facilitators Bob Robertson & Jamie Sparks

The Sermon on the Mount contains some of Jesus's most surprising, puzzling, and profound teachings.  He calls us to give up our worrying, to love our enemies, and to rejoice when we are persecuted.  In this study, you will explore the context surrounding this important passage in the New Testament and the implications Christ's teachings have for your personal spiritual growth.  Learn to live the kind of life Jesus requires of his disciples-the kind of life that will bring to earth the Kingdom Culture.  

Faith Connections Quarterly -Homeward Bound - Room 1 & Philathian - Room 3

The focus this quarter is "What the Bible Says About. . .".  

In this quarter, we will examine what the Bible says about forgiveness, God's will, stewardship, and more.  Whether you are a new Christian or have followed God for years, take time to not only know what God's Word says and means, but also put its message into practice, allowing God's Spirit to transform your life in all you say and do.

Experience Groups:

  • Promote a love of God and love of others - allowing us to grow in both head knowledge and heart knowledge resulting in lives where we listen to Jesus and follow Jesus.
  • Promote community by offering groups that change on a semester basis - allowing opportunities for our community to get to know one another in a deeper context.
  • Promote involvement by providing a specific time frame for each Experience - allowing freedom in group involvement and leadership.
  • Promote life transformation by encouraging us to be involved in each other's lives - allowing meaningful relationships in a small group context.