Fall Experience Groups

For fall 2019, we are excited to offer five Experience Groups on Sunday mornings at 9:15am and one on Sunday evenings.  While our kids and middle school students attend experiences that are designed for their age level, everyone high school and above is invited to join one of the following Experience Groups during the months of September, October, and November.


Sept. - Nov.


Facilitator Jamie Sparks

The Enneagram is a powerful personality inventory about who we are in relationships with others, and how we reflect the image of God, yet have adapted some unhealthy ways of getting back to our deepest longings and needs. Learning about our number helps us all understand more about why we do, think, feel, and respond the way we do, how see the world differently than others, how we receive, respond to, and grow in our relationship with the Lord and in prayer differently. 

The Bible Project: 

Facilitator Micheal Blackford

Using animated video to help us understand the scriptures and all their complex themes in a way that is engaging, approachable, and transformative.

Max Free 101: 

Facilitators  Pastor David Kessler & Pastor Justin Mourn

Learn who we are, What we Believe, and where we are headed. Join This Experience to connect, become a member, or Grow in your faith.

The DNA of a Healthy Marriage: 

Facilitator Steve Gray

Whether you have been married for 40 years or 4 months the DNA of Relationships will give you new insight into yourself and your relationship. This group is geared towards helping couples discover new ways to communicate, overcome conflict and renew their personal relationship with Christ. You will learn about your family of origin and its effects on your relationships, the buttons your spouse can so easily push, and how to take time for personal reflection. The life sucking vortex of death, called conflict, is something we all experience in marriage. This course will teach you to navigate the those moments in marriage and will give you the tools to come out stronger on the other side.

Faith Connections Quarterly -Homeward Bound - Room 1,  Philathian - Room 3,  BYKOTA - Room 2

During this quarter we will look at stories about the early church from the book of Acts. We will see the ways in which early believers relied on God.


Financial Peace University - More information coming soon!

Experience Groups:

  • Promote a love of God and love of others - allowing us to grow in both head knowledge and heart knowledge resulting in lives where we listen to Jesus and follow Jesus.
  • Promote community by offering groups that change on a semester basis - allowing opportunities for our community to get to know one another in a deeper context.
  • Promote involvement by providing a specific time frame for each Experience - allowing freedom in group involvement and leadership.
  • Promote life transformation by encouraging us to be involved in each other's lives - allowing meaningful relationships in a small group context.