Mac Free Staff

Join us as we - serve Jesus and follow Jesus together. 

  • Dr. David Kessler - Lead Pastor contact

    1. I will never be married to Leah long enough.
    2. My happy place is on a motorcycle cruising in the Kansas sun.
    3. My life aim is to invite people to serve and follow Jesus with me.
  • Zach Fleming - Pastor of Student & Family Ministry

    1. I LOVE the “Back to the Future” movies and hope to someday own a genuine hover board
    2. I have the ability to drop 90’s pop culture references and movie quotes into everyday conversation
    3. My heart is to make Jesus famous in the lives of teenagers in McPherson
  • Justin Mourn - Associate Pastor

    1. I am an introvert who enjoys McDonalds and helping people feel loved and included
    2. You might find me reading a technology blog or listening to a technology podcast.
    3. Our family consists of 4 humans, 1 dog, and 1 pop-up camper.
  • Karolyn Moore - Office Manager

    1. I love spending time outdoors, camping and hanging out with my grandchildren.
    2. I enjoy bowling with Kerrey.
    3. In my spare time, I like reading, auctions, and spending time with my girlfriends.
  • Suzanne Fleming - Director of Early Childhood

    1. I love to read, and you can find me curled up on the couch with a book anytime I have a few spare moments.
    2. My cat is spoiled rotten and she gets kissed at least 25 times a day, whether she wants to or not!
    3. I love to cook and try new recipes; my family gets introduced to a new recipe about once a week. Most of the time they turn out!
  • Laura Mourn - Director of Elementary Ministry

    1. It is true that I have been know to sneak off to a quiet place to read (and maybe eat chocolate).
    2. I love teaching children at church, at home, at the dance studio, even at the farm.
    3. My children have (justly) accused me of sleeping through one too many movies.
  • Charis Ball - Worship Leader

    1. There’s not much in the world that makes me happier than a box of donuts and a cup of coffee.
    2. My go to “feel good” movie is Anne of Green Gables.
    3. There’s something about people coming together and worshiping the Creator that brings a sense of joy and purpose that I can’t explain. It’s one of my favorite things.