Jesus has a lot to say about how we live our lives.

Your family is invited to come join us on Sunday mornings at 9:15 AM or Wednesday evenings at 6:15 PM as we learn how to follow Jesus together.

Sunday AM:

Join us at 9:15, as we gather in the sanctuary for a time of prayer. We are focusing our prayer time on Revivial.

Wednesday PM: 

Experiencing Prayer Together

Be a part of this faith community by joining other hearts in prayer for specific, individuals, our church body, our city, our nation, and our world. Be a force for revival in this place through intercessory prayer, and be encouraged as people testify to the ways in which Christ is answering prayers of His people right in our midst. If you're unfamiliar to a life of prayer, be mentored by saints who have spent a lifetime in prayer, and if you are in need of a touch from God - come and receive it on Wednesday nights as His people gather to pray.

Love A Little Louder

We all have been given the commandment to love others, but without actions, the love feels pretty empty. When someone is in crisis, most people really do want to help and comfort, but feel frustrated with not knowing how. Too many people end up saying the wrong thing, or avoiding the wounded altogether; neither of which is helpful. This Experience is about being ready to reach out to anyone in distress. We have opportunities to meet needs that sooner or later touch everyone's life in some way. "God comforts us in all our troubles, so that we can comfort those in any trouble, with the comfort we ourselves have received from God." 2 Cor. 1:4

Conversations on Servanthood

As we talk about servanthood on Sunday mornings this summer, Pastor Dave would like to continue the conversation more informally on Wednesday nights, and this is your chance to be a part of it! As you observe Jesus serving those around him in the Scriptures and then seek to serve others in your own life, come share what you are finding out about a lifestyle of servanthood. Come hear what others are finding as well, and see how revival spreads as we grow together and take on - in the apostle Paul's words - "...the very nature of a servant" Philippians 2:7

The Art of Neighboring

Once upon a time, people knew their neighbors. They talked to them, had cook-outs with them, and went to church with them. In our time of unprecedented mobility and increasing isolationism, it's hard to make lasting connections with those who live right outside our front door. We have hundreds of "friends" through online social networking, but we often don't even know the full name of the person who lives right next door. The Experience will hone in on one key question: What is the most loving thing I can do for the people who live right next to me?

Child Experiences

The K- 5th graders  gather together to worship through song, learning from interactive, hands-on lessons and encountering God through powerful prayer experiences.

Youth Experiences

Each Sunday morning Middle School and High School students break up

into classes where they dig deeper into God’s big story. Fueled by coffee, juice, and donuts this time is a more in-depth discipleship time that gives students real life application for not only learning what to think, but also how to think. The real purpose of Sunday school is to help students understand that all things are theirs (1Cor 3:21).