We know visiting new places can be awkward and intimidating. At McPherson Free Methodist Church, we are ordinary people on the journey of life - celebrating when people are set free.  Come join the journey as we follow God together.  We look forward to meeting you!


At a typical McPherson Free Methodist event, you can expect to find a group of people who gather to hear from God. The Sunday morning worship service is about 1 hour long.

What's available for my kids?

We believe in intergenerational ministry and encourage people of all ages to invest in our children.  We offer age appropriate opportunities from birth through high school.  For more information, click on "GROW" and chose the appropriate age from the drop down.


From its founding, the Free Methodist Church has declared a Freedom in Worship and a simplicity of dress.  You are welcome to come as you are.  We are more concerned about the person than a dress code.  You will find everything from shorts/jeans to suits.